Equipamento para Águas Pluviais e Redes de Esgoto

Machines and system solutions for stormwater treatment and sewer system management

Plants for the sewerage system for treatment of

  • stormwater
  • river water
  • combined sewerage

Advanced combined and stormwater treatment in municipal combined sewers is a main issue with regard to sustainable environmental and water protection. HUBER offers reliable solutions for a lot of problematic situations in combined and stormwater sewers: Solids retention, constant design retention level, overflow measurement and cleaning of stormwater retention tanks.

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The quality of many watercourses has significantly been increased meanwhile by building new wastewater treatment plants and upgrading or refurbishing continuous wastewater discharges. Despite all these efforts, however, there are still ecological deficits caused by floating and coarse material that is discharged from the sewer system into waters in the event of stormwater overflow discharge in combined and separated sewer systems.

For the purpose of specific environmental protection appropriate measures will have to be taken in future to minimise these probles. HUBER will be glad to assist you in these tasks with comprehensive experience and well-proven machines and plants.